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Frequently asked questions about small business loans

We compare over 40 lenders across Australia. ANZ, Bank of Melbourne, Lumi, Moula, AMP, Capital Finance, Liberty and ING are just some of the financial institutions and companies we’ve partnered up with, but we also look at offerings from a wide pool of other reputed lenders.

We compare offerings from the big banks as well as smaller fin-tech startups and other lenders in between. This gives you an invaluable industry snapshot, meaning you don’t need to rifle between so many different loan offerings yourself (which can be overwhelming.) Our goal is to help you save time and money in finding the best small business loan for your unique needs.
Biz Loan Comparison can help you secure the right loan by taking your unique business needs into account and allowing you to compare loans from some of the biggest lenders currently on the market.

A small business loan is no simple affair. It’s a big commitment, and a big priority for success-driven businesses. It’s also something that can affect your personal finances, so we want to make sure the option you choose is comfortable for you.

Our team of experts can answer any questions you may have, making sure you understand the ins and outs of small business loans and feel confident with your decision. Most importantly, we'll help you find a loan that fits right into your business vision while ensuring you aren't paying more than you need to.
Small business owners use loans to fund a wide number of costs involved in running their businesses. These typically include:

  • Sales, advertising and marketing spend—billboards and social media ads cost money!
  • Business equipment
  • Real estate and vehicles (e.g. paying office space rent)
  • Paying wages to employees
  • Better managing cash flow (e.g. soliciting the services of an accountant)
  • Expansion of operations (e.g. moving to a new space, hiring new staff)
  • Investing in inventory and supplies—starting a business in the beginning can be very costly when you’re yet to purchase everything you need or have limited resources
Every business needs investment to grow and prosper. The beauty of a small business loan is that you can use it to fulfil any lawful enterprise that helps your unique business in the most efficient way possible.