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Most businesses have one thing in common: At some point, you’re going to need a loan. Equipment breaks, you need money to expand, or maybe you have staff and bills to pay but you’re not getting paid for another 60 days.

There are thousands of loans to choose from, and this is where a lot of business owners make their first mistake. Maybe you feel like you don’t qualify for certain loans or don’t want to deal with the stress, headaches, and rate-hikes you get with most bank loans. This is how you end up with a high-interest, long-term loan that eats away at your profit margins and slows the growth of your business.

If you’re looking for a business loan of any size, for any reason, we can help with that. Maybe you’ve already made the mistake of not comparing and now you need to refinance, or you need to purchase new equipment or inventory to build on your success, we can help. At Biz Loan Comparison, we help Aussies find the best business loan for their needs by comparing products from over 70 lenders, for free.

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Biz Loan Comparison Is Exactly What You’re Looking For

Time is money, and when you’re running a business it’s not uncommon to be short on both. We know this, which is why we do all of the work for you. By using Biz Loan Comparison you won’t have to spend days comparing loans to find out what you qualify for and which loan has terms that work in your favour.

We can find help find the best loan for your situation in a matter of minutes, and have the money deposited directly into your account in as little as 24 hours. You can apply for any amount between $5k and $20M by filling out a few basic details about your business, and we will do the rest. We know time is money, and we’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the best of both.

Breathe Some Life Back Into Your Business

There are thousands of businesses that are at a pivotal stage where they need to make a decision now. Do you give up everything you’ve put your heart into building, shutter the doors, and move onto something else? Or is it time to get the money you need and grind hard for the long-term success you’ve been working towards?

Some Aussies come to us because they’re experiencing explosive growth and need the cash flow to keep expanding. Others come to us because they have a problem and want a solution to keep their business alive. We’ve heard everything you can imagine:

  • What if I have poor credit?
  •  I can’t find a loan with terms or rates that suit my business or my needs
  •  I’m tired of brokers and banks and their constant rate-hikes
  •  My business is already leveraged and I still need money
  •  I tried to get a loan but didn’t meet the LVR requirements or minimum trading times

We’ve heard it all, and helped them all. At Biz Loan Comparison we connect you to a panel of over 70 lenders who can help you whether you’re worried about not meeting minimum requirements, or if your business is in excellent health and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Let’s Get Started

We don’t just offer loans. We offer the relief of knowing your staff is getting paid, you’re able to fund the new equipment you need to expand or repair what you have, or your business is growing instead of sinking from being over-leveraged or having high-interest loans.

Most importantly, we do all the work for you which gives you the one thing every business owner needs — time. Our panel of lenders offers rates as low as 3.75% and funding in as little as 24 hours.

Enter your details below and in a few short minutes, you can see for yourself why so many business owners are flocking to Biz Loan Comparison. After you enter your details, you’ll be able to compare available funding options from some of the top lenders in Australia.

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